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NH Online Forms System - NHDES - Air Resources - Permit Applications

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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Air Permit Applications Forms

The Air Resources Division regulates and limits air emissions from a variety of stationary sources within New Hampshire through a Statewide Permitting Program. The permitting program ensures that new and existing sources of air pollution abide by a wide range of state and federal air pollution control regulations. Sources of air emissions which require permits include point sources (major stationary commercial and industrial facilities), as well as individual devices (individual burners, furnaces, machines, etc.).

Forms needed for:

Temporary Permit, State Permit to Operate, Title V Permit

  • ARD-1
  • ARD-2 through ARD-8 (as applicable)

Permit-by-Notification: For Non-Metallic Mineral Processing Plants

  • PBN-1
  • PBN-2
  • PBN-3
  • PBN-4 (use only for relocations)

General State Permit: For Engines Used as Emergency Generators or Fire Pumps

  • ARD-1
  • GSP-2

Contact Information

Address: NHDES – Air Resources Division
29 Hazen Drive, PO Box 95
Concord, NH 03302-0095
Contacts: Phone: 603-271-1370 Email: