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When a submitter does not complete the form submission process (i.e., the form submission is assigned a Draft status), editing can continue on the form submission, at a future date.

This topics describes the steps required to reopen and continue editing a draft form submission.

Only submissions with a status of “Draft” are eligible to be edited. To make changes to a submission after it has been submitted, a revision must be established and resubmitted.  See the Revise Submitted Form topic for further details.

In some instances, if the agency makes adjustments to the form used for a submission, the agency may choose to automatically upgrade the form used for a submission to the latest form definition.  In this scenario, when the submitter opens their form submission, they will be notified that the form will be promoted to the latest version and the form may include some adjustments to the layout and questions asked on the form.


    ShowEdit Draft Submission from Submission Overview

    A submitter can continue editing a form submission from the Submission Overview area using the following steps:

    1. Open the Submission Overview form using the steps described in the View a Submission topic, if not already open.
    2. Click the Continue Editing Submission button () in the top right.
    3. The system will open the form submission in the Submission Wizard allowing the submitter to resume the form submission process.  See Submit a Form for additional details on editing/submitting a form.


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