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A custom submission name can be specified by the submitter, as desired for reference purposes. This can be helpful to distinguish submission when the submitter submits the same form for multiple sites/companies, etc.

This custom submission name provided from the submitter is not used by the internal agency staff.

This topic describes how to assign a custom name to a submission.


  1. Open the Submission Overview form using the steps described in the View a Submission topic, if not already open.
  2. Click on the Submission Alias value in the Submission Information section of the Summary section of the Submission Overview page to enter the field in to an edit state.
  3. Enter the new name and click out of the Submission Alias fiel


  • Open the History form using the steps described in the View Submission History topic.
  • Click on the Submission Name value for the submission in question. This will make the Submission Name value into an editable field. Type the desired submission name  and click out of this editable field.
  • The new submission name will be saved.

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